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Building BIM : a common language for the construction sector

BIM building : the digital model is revolutionizing working methods in the construction sector by unifying the language of each of its stakeholders

BIM and the building industry : an already long history which is still in its early stages

As we have seen, BIM is a data management process that helps generate the best possible digital model for a given project. Its purpose is to help the various building stakeholders (in the broadest sense) to make the best decisions. Also, the objective of BIM is to organize as well as possible communication, intelligence, between the stakeholders and the systems (software…) implemented. BIM building : a new way of designing construction sites.

BIM building

Establish a dialogue via a common language : IFC

The construction industry has not – not yet – developed a collaborative culture. The concept of project unit therefore remains a mystery for most building trades. BIM can also contribute to a change in habits. Moving towards more virtuous, less time-consuming, less costly, more efficient procedures, setting up a fruitful dialogue are just some advantages of the BIM model ? brings to the stakeholders of the construction site. The IFC format (1*) is also a big step towards this direction. Initiated by buildingSMART (2*), IFC is therefore called upon to become the reference format for optimal communication of data between the building trades. Recognized by an ever growing majority of software active within a BIM process, IFC allows everyone to speak the same language.

BIM and the building industry : an alliance that will soon become a must

BIM building

Future building construction engineering project concept with double exposure graphic design. Building engineer, architect people or construction worker working with modern civil equipment technology.

The movement is already widely launched in Anglo-Saxon countries. Then it should not take long to spread in our regions. Governments (major construction and public works specifiers) increasingly require contracting companies to use BIM for the projects they initiate. And major international organizations are following suit.

The train has started, it will not stop, and GenieVision is on board from the departure station.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us : info@genievision.com

(1*) For Industry Foundation Classes.

(2*) buildingSMART is the organization behind the digital transformation of the construction industry. It is an open, neutral and international non-profit organization. Https://www.buildingsmart.org

Courtesy to Clément Valente, whose expertise greatly contributed to the writing of these lines. 

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